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Spectrasonics Sample Library
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S.A.G.E. Xpander

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ILIO S.A.G.E.Xpander
Stark Raving Beats
Intense Multitrack Live Grooves. Aptly described as both fast and furious, this library features aggressive live drums, wild percussion and tricked-out remixes created and performed by Chris O’Brien. The original groove tempos start at 105 BPM and accelerate to a heart-pounding 170, but using SAGE™ (Spectrasonics Advanced Groove Engine) technology, you can expand that range as far as you like, always with intriguing results. Each groove is split out into several tightly isolated multi-tracked elements, a first for live drum grooves. Swap snares, kicks, hats, and toms between grooves at will, with no bleed between tracks, while keeping the spontaneity you can only get from a real drummer. Great for remixing, record producing, film scoring, and creating your own amazing “live” grooves from scratch!
For use exclusively with Stylus RMX

Price $AUD inc GST:$159.00

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